What is the New Alsace Conservation Club?

New Alsace Conservation Club is a local non-profit organization of individuals dedicated to the wise use of our natural resources. Our membership is made up of hunting, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts. As an affiliate of the Indiana Wildlife Federation (IWF), we are supported by the science and policy resources of one of the most respected conservation organizations in the state.


NACC was formed in 1982, when a local group of men and women who were concerned about conservation met together for the collective good. Later in 1984, the club was incorporated as a not for profit in the state of Indiana. During this time the club held still board shoots to raise funds for the cause.

NACC acquired its 1.8 acre Tanners creek property through the generosity of Leroy and June Seevers. The property the club house currently resides totals 5.5 acres and was donated through the generosity of our late President Ben Dall.

Common Sense Conservation

The New Alsace Conservation Club is committed to the wise use of our states natural resource. NACC supports hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities while enhancing habitat and using wildlife friendly methods to sustain a healthy environment. Conservation and wildlife go hand in hand, however; wildlife cannot survive on its own if waterways are polluted , habitats are destroyed and wetlands are drained. The New Alsace conservation club is here to help improve the surrounding areas in our locality for the betterment of conservation and balance.

Wildlife and Habitat

NACC believes in a "common sense" approach to conservation concerns. Staying abreast of government policies to ensure wise management of our natural resources, supporting acquisitions of public land, wetland protection and laws to control the quality of the air and water.


NACC believes educating adults and school age children is critical in conserving our natural resources for future generations to enjoy. We work in the community to inform all about the relevant conservation issues.


Your voice as a member today can make the difference for tomorrow. For more information Contact Us.

Ben Dall Park

James Bulach - Eagle Scout Project


Congratulations - Jason Lee

2020 NACC Derby Catfish winner

23.49 lbs

"We must build a stronger voice for wildlife by educating and organizing concerned citizens to promote conservation ethics at the grass roots level"

- Indiana Wildlife Federation

Wildlife Federation Signon Letter