NACC Newsletter – October 2023

“41 years of Conservation”

     NACC’s next meeting to be held on Wednesday, October 11th, at 7 pm in the club house.  

NACC 17th Annual Golf Outing Winners: 

1st Place Team  $300 –  Rodney Ratz, Ryan Ratz, Wayne Barker, Eric Sackstetter; 

2nd Place Team $200 –  Slugger Kuebel, Tony Kuebel, Jamie Johnson, Don Stewart; 

3rd Place Team $100 – Rick Volker, Jim Windholtz, Jody Michelles, Mark Griffith. 

Longest Drive Hole #1 Women – Stephanie Freson: 

Longest Drive Hole #13 Men – Braidyn Back; 

Closest to the Pin on #3 – Steve Andres,;  

Closest to the Pin on #7 – Joe Kraus; 

Closest to the Pin on #11 – Gus. 

Split-The-Putt Winner out of 15 entries  $245 – Dillon Wagner.      

Chairman Casey Gilmore & Co-Chair Slugger Kuebel would like to thank everyone who played in the outing, along with our 34 hole sponsors,  and those who helped out.  And a Special Thanks to Co- Chair & Chef George Schmeltzer and his crew for the fine prime rib dinner served.  All proceeds from the outing support sending 5th and 6th grade girls & boys to the Karl E. Kelly Conservation Camp each year.  Casey will be giving a full report on the outing at this meeting.

 TREE SEEDLINGS for 2024 spring delivery was mailed out on September 30th to Vallonia State Nursery for a total of 390 seedlings. We are now waiting for confirmation from the nursery as to the stock availability to fill our order. It should be a about a month and then payment for seedlings will be needed at that time.  Trustee Dave Henlein has volunteered to pick up our tree order next spring, which saves on the FedEx shipping charge of  $50 per bundle of seedlings.

At this meeting, Treasurer, Richard Kuebel will be distributing Gun Raffle tickets.  On December 13 we will be raffling off a Mossberg Patriot Rifle, choice of  caliber, with a vortex scope and wood stock.  Or  you can get an “in-store credit” where we purchase it and pick your own gun of choice of equal or greater value, The Rusty Buck – Hunting & Outdoor Lifestyle in Batesville.  Tickets are $10.00 each.  We are only selling 250 tickets and will have some available at Klump’s Tavern too.  This is the club’s 3rd and final fund raiser for this year. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

At each meeting the trustees have incorporated a single Scatter Board shoot where members can purchase a square for a dollar, when sold out, it’s shot at and a winner determined.  The winner gets half the proceeds and the other half supports the Gutz’s kitchen which always has a nice lunch after the monthly meeting.  Last month’s winner was Dave Henlein.

Last month the club made a $100 donation to the Gobble Wobble 5K run that is put on each year by the All Saint’s Parish in Dover.  All of their proceeds go towards helping the North Dearborn Food Pantry, Sunman Food Pantry & the East Central H.S. Food Pantry.

INFO.  –    If you are interested in using the clubhouse for a special event  during the upcoming holidays or for anytime, contact one of our trustees to bring it before the membership to approve.  Gutz Callahan, Slugger Kuebel & Dave Henlein.

TINY ANTS PLAY BIG ROLE IN FOREST HEALTH, by Mark Wexler, National Wildlife Fall 2023.  One hallmark of old-growth northeastern deciduous forest in spring is the dazzling display of violets, trilliums, wild ginger and other wildflowers that carpet the forest floor.  In secondary forest spring ephemerals tend to be scarce. Published in Ecology, scientist say one explanation may be a lack of woodland ants.

Researchers say, several ant species in the genus Aphaenogaster are critical dispersers of the the seeds of wildflowers.  These seeds are rich in fats and very attractive to woodland ants.  The insects take the seeds to their nest, where they’re safe from predators such as rodents – and later “plant the seeds outside the nest.  Ants may not be as charismatic as pollinator like bees and butterflies, but they are just as important!

Yours in Conservation,

Chuck Schmeltzer,  President              Phone:  812-623-4103

****2024 MEMBERSHIP DUES are now being collected.   New members are welcome.   If you already paid your dues, thank you for your being  apart of our organization.  NACC dues annually are $12.00  and you can pick up  an affiliate  membership  of  Indiana Wildlife Federation for the discounted  fee of $20.00 (optional)   mail to:  New Alsace Conservation Club, PO Box 302, Sunman, IN  47041  NOTE:  SOME MEMBERS HAVE PAID MULTIPLY YEARS IN ADVANCE. IF YOUR ONE OF THEM, DISREGARD THIS NOTICE:  IF YOU’RE NOT SURE, CHECK THE FRONT OF THE ENVELOPE THIS LETTER CAME IN.   ABOVE YOU NAME IS A DATE – THIS IS HOW  LONG YOUR DUES ARE PAID THROUGH.


For more  info about NACC – contact Dale Back , Secretary at (812)623-2431 or E-mail: or  go to and submit your questions through the comment  section.  NACC is a 501 c 4 not for profit organization incorporated in the  state of Indiana .                                                                                                                                                                                           db