NACC Newsletter – May 2023

NACC’s next meeting to be held on Wednesday, May 10th, at 7 pm in the club house. 

 PROPERTY CLEAN UP prior to our meeting at 5pm.  With all the wind we’re having there are lots of small limbs blown down that need cleaned up for mowing, plus there are a couple of small trees that blew down on the leech bed that need to be sawed up for firewood.  It’s yours for the taking.

Our 35th Annual Fishing Derby is May 6.  If you get this letter before, we hope to see you there.  The derby starts at 7am and ends at 3pm with awards following.  Registration will begin at 6 am derby day and continue until 12:30. If you have never been to the derby, it’s a great community event that we are very proud of.

July Rifle Raffle –  As one club function ends another begins , We have raffle tickets available for distribution at this meeting.  The rifle we are giving away is a Mossberg 6.5 Creedmore Rifle with a Vortex Red dot Scope and Wood  stock.  There will be only 250 tickets sold and they are $10.00 each.  The drawing will be on July 12 at our regular monthly meeting.  Drop me a line if you’re interested in buying one or want to help sell them.  All help  is very much appreciated. 

IWF – coming up on June 1st we will be sending in our affiliate members dues to the Indiana Wildlife Federation.  Our club has been affiliated with IWF for over 30 years.  Back when we joined on with them,  members debated what benefits might be had by being affiliated. Well our first president, the late  Ben Dall stated, as a local club how are we to know what’s going on with conservation, hunting and fishing in the state, if our members aren’t willing to participate at the state level. Joining IWF as an affiliate was  avenue for us to keep abreast on our interest in these concerns.  Instead of finding out about changes after laws were past, IWF was on the forefront of informing their affiliates when these changes were debated, as is today. Plus if we had a particular concern or interest in an item, our voice could be heard all the way to the state house, which we have done throughout the past decades.  So,  before we mail off the dues of our members who support IWF through our affiliation, won’t you consider joining them. Affiliate members dues are discounted off the regular $35.00 annual due, at only $20.00 per year.  You can send your check to NACC, P.O. Box 302, Sunman, IN  47041. Thanks.

Dave Henlein reported that the bee hive survived the winter and the bees are active as the days get warmer.  We had some discussion on creating more habitat for them and we welcome your input.  Dale B. planted some Autumn Joy flowers that bloom in the fall and provide nectar for bees when other blooming plants are not so plentiful.

The club paid their Oxbow, Inc. dues of $25.00. The Oxbow area in southern Dearborn County where the Miami River converges with the Ohio River is a great stop over area for birds, ducks, geese and other wildlife to refuel on their migration journey going north & south

We also made a donation of $50.00 to the ECHS Football Booster organization like last year to help with providing meals to the team.

We completed our filing of the Federal 990 form, which maintains our  not for profit status, tax exempt status, and maintains our ability to NOT pay property taxes in Dearborn County.   A big thank you to the executive board for doing the audits for this each year.

We received a thank you letter from Chris & Rachel Hughes who run the Ruth Lyons Children’s Fund Coon Hunt. They were able to exceed last years donation again, like the year before, with a donation of $18,395.00.  WOW !  what a one day event.

****2023 MEMBERSHIP DUES are now being collected.   New members are welcome.   If you already paid your dues, thank you for your being apart of our organization.  NACC dues annually are $12.00  and you can pick up  an affiliate membership of  Indiana Wildlife Federation for the discounted  fee of $20.00 (optional)   mail to:  New Alsace Conservation Club, PO Box 302, Sunman, IN  47041  NOTE:  SOME MEMBERS HAVE PAID MULTIPLY YEARS IN ADVANCE. IF YOUR ONE OF THEM, DISREGARD THIS NOTICE:  IF YOU’RE NOT SURE, CHECK THE FRONT OF THE ENVELOPE THIS LETTER CAME IN.   ABOVE YOU NAME IS A DATE – THIS IS HOW  LONG YOUR DUES ARE PAID THROUGH.

Chuck Schmeltzer,  President              Phone:  812-623-4103


For more  info about NACC – contact Dale Back , Secretary at (812)623-2431 or E-mail: or  go to and submit your questions through the comment  section.  NACC is a 501 c 4 not for profit organization incorporated in the  state of Indiana .                                                                                                                                                                                           db