2023 Fishing Derby – Thank You Sponsors!

Dear Derby Sponsor,

            Thank you very much for sponsoring the New Alsace Conservation Club – NACC  35th fishing derby on May 6 with your donation of cash, merchandise or gift certificate/card. 

            The New Alsace Conservation Club had a great 35th annual fishing derby at Lake  in the Pines, New Alsace, Indiana, with 150 registered fisherman.  Of those registered, 35 were children under 12.    Getting kids outdoors to enjoy nature and some of the finer things in life, like fishing is one of our goals each year.   Having great sponsors like yourself helps our organization accomplish this.  I’d like to note, this years child under 12:  catfish winners, well the kids didn’t catch any catfish, this is a first!,  bass winner weighed in at .76 lbs was Charlie Crague, and blue gill winner weighed in at .54 lbs was Graham Westerfeld.  And the adults:  catfish winner weighed in at 5.92 lbs was Clint Graf, bass winner weighed in at 1.23 lbs was also Clint Graf, and the blue gill winner weighed in at .60 lbs was Kim Essert.  Our special catch, 1st tagged catfish  in, open to adults and children had no entry. The only derby record this year was no catfish by the kids, but lots of great catches and memories were made.

            With the generosity of sponsors like you, every fishermen received a door prize upon registering at this years derby.   This is a major drawing card for us to get children and their parents out to do some fishing.  But, we also gave away some additional great prizes to the top 5 places in each of the adult and children groups in the following categories of bass, blue gill, and catfish.  This totaled 25 individual awards this year.  Though our registration number was down a little, we matched our 2021 year of  adults and children from the surrounding counties in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

            All of this would not be possible without your continued sponsorship.  The New Alsace Conservation Club and Fishing Derby Committee would like to thank you for your generous donation.  Your support of the fishing derby enables us to continue providing great outdoor entertainment at an affordable price.  And we will continue to encourage adults and children alike, to enjoy the sport of fishing and see what the outdoors can offer them. 

            We are a registered not-for-profit 501c4  corporation in the state of Indiana, Tax #1984-09-780 and our Federal  TIN # 35-1626762 can be used for your tax deduction purposes as allowed by law.  This is your receipt of donation.  If you have any questions about the derby or our club, contact me at (812)212-2601 or E-mail:  backdale@gmail.com.  We hope you will consider being a derby sponsor again next year at our 36th annual fishing derby on May 4th, 2024.

Yours in conservation,

Dale A. Back, Derby Chairman

PS:  Another activity we do for kids each year is, we will be holding our 17th golf outing the 3rd week of September, where all proceeds benefit sending 5th or 6th grade girls & boys to the Karl E. Kelly Conservation Camp. We pick up the tab for the 7 day camp.  This year we are sending 11 kids in June!