NACC Newsletter – August 2019

NACC’s next meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 14th , at 7 pm in the club house

NACC 13th Annual Golf Outing is being held Saturday, September 21 at North Branch Golf Course, located  of   I-74 New Point exit, 8492 E. Base Rd, Greensburg, IN.  Our format will be the same as in the past.  All Proceeds go towards sending kids to  the conservation camp.  Golfers will play 18 holes of golf with a four man team.  There will be Skins, Morning breakfast sandwiches, and Prime Rib Dinner.   TBA – Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin.   Cost for the event is $260.00 per four man team.  A $65.00 deposit is required to reserve per team.  Tee off at 8:00 am.   SIGN UP LIST IS POSTED AT KLUMP’S TAVERN.

For those members who golf or may know of a foursome interested, we have a  flier included today for you to display at your favorite  spot    as you play golf this summer…  For More Golf Outing information, contact  Rob Seig at  or phone 812-209-9099    or contact Mark Lewis at phone 812-221-0030.

GOLF OUTING HOLE SPONSORS WANTED – Rob Seig is now soliciting for golf hole sponsors.  If you, or if you know of someone who would support this worthy cause of sending kids to conservation camp, collect a donation of $50, $100 or even more if they like.   The cost to send a kid to camp last year was $350.00 each.  We were able to send 10 kids last year and hope to reach that again this year.  If you get a sponsor, Rob will make a sign with their company name on  it and place it near one of the greens.  If they have a business card, get it to Rob or e-mail a copy of it to him.  All donations can be used for tax deduction purposes as allowed.  We will furnish our not-for-profit number upon request.

The Executive Board did meet on July 16, 2019 at the club house.  Present at the meeting were: Chuck Schmeltzer, Pres., Dave Henlein, VP, Richard Kuebel, Treasurer, Dale Back, Sec., Rob Seig, Past Pres., Gutz Callahan, Trustee, and Slugger Kuebel, Trustee.  All projects were reviewed, some were completed, some are ready to do or in progress and couple need started.  Maintenance Repair items were reviewed along with our monthly, quarterly and annual checks.  A more detailed report will be given at the meeting.

DNR Tree Seedling Orders are now being taken for 2020 spring deliver.  Seedling varieties can be ordered in lots of 100 (you may share with others) or you can order a mix of trees in designated packets.  No money is needed until order is confirmed this fall.  DEADLINE for order seedlings through club is September 25, 2019.  If interested contact Dale Back at 812-623-2431 or e-mail Seedling selections can be sent to you upon request.   Did you know that the DNR Forestry nursery program grows and sells about 2.5 million seedlings each year.

The Division of Forestry is now conducting its five year Indiana Big Tree Register.  These are not the tallest by far.  Foresters are in search for the biggest specimens of Indiana native trees to be included in the 2020 register.  Go to   to learn more about measuring trees and participating  and see a list of current champions and their measurements.  Hoosier Outdoor

DNR Eric Bitner says,  the Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) hasn’t been found in Indiana, but watch for it.  It can be a castastrophic pest of hardwood trees.  ALB Appearance:  The adult ALB has shiny, jet-black body with distinctive white spots and long antennae with black and white stripes.  Its body is 1 to 1 1/2 inches long with six long legs, and it may have metallic looking blue feet. Adults are present during July to October staying on trees from which they emerged.  Watch for “dime” sized holes in trees and shallow scraped pits in the wood from where the beetle lays eggs, and oozing sap or small piles of sawdust at the base of infested trees.  Hoosier Outdoor

The Indiana State Fair is still going on at the state fair grounds.  August 2 thru August  18.  It is a good time for families to enjoy.

Remember School is starting…  be prepared to stop for school buses.

Yours in Conservation,

Chuck Schmeltzer,  President              Phone:  812-623-4103       For more  info about NACC – contact Dale Back , Secretary at (812)623-2431 or E-mail: or go to and submit your questions through the comment section.  NACC is a 501 c 4 not for profit organization incorporated in the  state of Indiana .             

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