NACC Newsletter – Novemeber 2018


NACC’s next meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 14th, at 7 pm in the club house.

Nominations for 2019 Club officers will open at this November meeting, with elections following at the December meeting.

NACC FALL BREAKFAST – Details of the breakfast results will be presented at this meeting.  Chairwoman, Sarah Lewis would like to thank all who worked and supported this event to make it happen.  And  a special thanks to the conservation campers who helped out.

NACC 12TH ANNUAL GOLF OUTING – Rob S. is still working on finalizing the collection of hole sponsors and when completed will be able to announce the final results.  But as of the last meeting all bills were paid, a good portion of the total number of sponsors  were collected and deposited, along with the entry fees paid, in the bank. Preliminary net income at this time was approximately $2849.00 and will increase as the balance of sponsors are collected.  This preliminary amount will support sending about 8 kids to the Karl Kelly Conservation Camp next summer.  NACC is looking for children in the 5th or 6th  grade who would be interested in attending the Indiana Conservation Officer  Organization – ICOO  Karl Kelly Youth Conservation Camp, which will be held this coming summer in June (usually the third week) for 5 days.  NACC will select children who sign up by February 1, 2019.  The cost of the camp is paid for by NACC.  If your child, nephew, niece or grandchildren like outdoor adventure, this camp is a must for them.  It is a full week of fun that they will enjoy and remember for a long time.  Contact Rob Seig  for more info.    812-209-9099 – cell

ANNUAL GUN SAFE RAFFLE with the winner being drawn at the  December 12th meeting.  We have tickets available.   200 tickets only – each $10.00. Tickets are available at Klump’s Tavern, and from members who took some at the last meeting.   If your interested in buying /selling tickets for the good of the club, contact secretary Dale or treasurer Richard K. The gun safe was purchased last month and is on display at the club house.

20th  ANNUAL RUTH LYONS CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL FUND BENEFIT COON  HUNT  is being held Saturday, December 1st at the Sunman Fish & Game, located south of Sunman off of HWY 101 on 1000 N.   Club member, Melvin Westerman and his wife Carol invite people to come before noon, as the Treeing Contest is at 2:00 pm,   For more info:  Call 812-623-3951.  This years event will also support the Burke Andre’ Cancer Fund.

 2019 MEMBERSHIP DUES are now being collected.  NACC dues annually are $12.00  and you can pick up  an affiliate Indiana Wildlife Federation for the discounted  fee of $20.00 (optional)  Enclosed is a membership form, fill out and mail to:  New Alsace Conservation Club, PO Box 302, Sunman, IN  47041  “There is strength in numbers”!  NOTE:  SOME MEMBERS HAVE PAID MULTIPLE YEARS IN ADVANCE. IF YOUR ONE OF THEM, DISREGARD THIS NOTICE:  IF YOU’RE NOT SURE, CHECK THE FRONT OF THE ENVELOPE THIS LETTER CAME IN.   ABOVE YOU NAME IS A DATE – THIS IS HOW LONG YOUR DUES ARE PAID THROUGH.

CLICK HERE:  2019 Member Registration Form


The NACC website has been redesigned with a newer program with added features, that should be easier to navigate and easier to enter updates by our webmaster, Sarah Lewis.  We would like to thank Sarah’s brother in-law, Jason N. for all his help and donations in making this transition happen.

Outdoor Indiana, October 2018 – Emerald ash borer (EAB), an invasive Asian beetle is decimating the tree.  In 2017, the pest completed its occupation of all 92 Indiana counties.  EAB larvae feed on phloem and outer sapwood, producing tunnels that girdle and kill the ash trees.  The DNR and it partners have launched two counter attacks.  One employees an effective pesticide aimed exclusively at EAB.  The other uses a tiny  parasitic wasp.  The DNR began treating ash trees in state parks and nature preserves with the pesticide, emamectin benzoate, brand name Tree-age to save the most important large female ash trees, that can serve as a seed source for EAB-resistant ash-breeding efforts.     DNR Entomology & Plant Pathology hopes it can wage widespread war by fighting insects with insects.  It has released parasitic wasps to try to protect areas in southeastern Indiana where ash trees are still healthy.  The y are using four Asian species that find and kill EAB.  The wasps don’t sting.  They’re tiny, too.  One is the size of a pinhead. The largest is 10mm long.  In 2016 & 2017 they have released hundreds of thousands of wasps at five sites around Brookville Lake and seven more sites in the region.  These wasps kill EAB by laying their own eggs inside the EAB eggs, and other such insects lay their  own eggs inside the EAB larvae, thus we have bio-control possibly over a wide region.   EAB has changed our forest composition.  Unfortunately, dead ash trees leave openings for some invasive species, such as honeysuckle and knotweed  to become established.


Yours in Conservation,

Chuck Schmeltzer, President           Phone:  812-623-4103

 For more  info about NACC – contact Dale Back , Secretary at (812)623-2431 or E-mail: or go to and submit your questions through the comment section.  NACC is a 501 c 4 not for profit organization incorporated in the  state  of  Indiana .