NACC Newsletter – May 2021

NACC’s next meeting to be held on Wednesday, May 12 , at 7 pm in the club house. If you can, come at 5pm for club house and grounds clean up.

NACC Trustees GUN RAFFLE: Beretta A-300 Outlander 12 ga. Semi-Automatic, with Wood Stock. Each ticket cost $10.00 and we are only selling 250 tickets. Drawing to be held on July 14, 2021 at the club house meeting. Tickets are available at Klump’s Tavern and board members. If you need tickets to help us sell, contact Treasurer Richard Kuebel.

Eagle Scout Project: It was brought to the club’s attention at the last meeting, that James’ solicitation letter for his Eagle Project was a memorial for Jim and Mona Voltz as was stated. The fact is, it is not for them, but for members of NACC. We sincerely apologize for the wording in his letter being overlooked and not corrected. The layout of James’ project is on the point extending into the lake on the south side. And as James stated, it is centered around around a tree that was planted many years ago there. This particular tree was planted by Jim Voltz the month after his wife Mona passed away in her remembrance. Jim had asked the club for permission and the membership approved. Jim and Mona were great supporters of the club back in their day. God bless their soul. Not many of our new members even new who planted the tree, but when James presented his project, that area became the focal point and the membership approved the project being constructed at the point. So, all this time, the club has been calling this project the NACC Memorial Park Eagle Scout Project as we’ve discussed the issues over the past year. And this is not etched in stone yet, but a name will be forth coming soon and approved by the members. It is our hope that our NACC members will support James Bulach’s Eagle Scout Project to the best of their ability. And we hope this gives some clarity to the project moving forward.

New Alsace Conservation Club’s 33rd Annual Fishing Derby to be held Saturday, May 8th at Lake in the Pines, New Alsace, Indiana. The derby starts at 7am and runs to 3pm (ending earlier) Registration will begin Saturday morning at 6am at the club house.

NACC Karl E. Kelly Camp – UPDATE We now have a total of 9 children going to camp this year. Plus the 9 from last years canceled camp too. We had another sponsorship requested at our April meeting of which the members approved to go ahead pay the camp fee of $350.00 for RyLynn White. This addition brings our 2021 camper cost to $3150.00. Thanks to all who supported the golf outing last year. Updated Camper List will be posted at the club house.

Secretary Dale Back presented to the members, a new supplier and remake of the NACC latest logo to be stitched on hats. The supplier in Dark Star Print & Embroidery out of Muncie, IN who Dale has worked with a couple of decades making his fishing derby hats and t-shirts. You will see a new screen print of the latest logo on this years derby t-shirt which can be used on other clothing too. The members looked at a wide selection of hats and came up with 3 that were approved. Members also approved the new logo remake and set up fee. And the members approved buying a dozen of each hats selected with the embroidered logo on them. Hats will be available at this meeting for members to purchase.

Club member Dave Henlein was approved to install some Beehives on the property to help improve pollination in the area. Also, he will be installing Bee Traps in trees to capture a queen bee in hopes of starting more hives. Please do not disturb these items when on the grounds.

IWF- Indiana Wildlife Federation membership will be paid on June 1st. If your interested in being a member of IWF, the discounted cost is $20.00. Your support is appreciated in our continued affiliation with this state organization.

Back in 2004, Brood X Cicadas were here, fast forward 17 years, 2021 the Brood X Cicadas are back and are black, orange & red, unlike green cicadas which emerge every year. When the ground temperature reaches 64 F. eight inches below the surface they will begin to appear. In 2004 it was documented on May 13 they were seen.

2021 MEMBERSHIP DUES are now being collected. New members are welcome. If you already paid your dues, thank you for your being apart of our organization. NACC dues annually are $12.00 and you can pick up an affiliate Indiana Wildlife Federation for the discounted fee of $20.00 (optional) mail to: New Alsace Conservation Club, PO Box 302, Sunman, IN 47041 NOTE: SOME MEMBERS HAVE PAID MULTIPLY YEARS IN ADVANCE. IF YOUR ONE OF THEM, DISREGARD THIS NOTICE: IF YOU’RE NOT SURE, CHECK THE FRONT OF THE ENVELOPE THIS LETTER CAME IN. ABOVE YOU NAME IS A DATE – THIS IS HOW LONG YOUR DUES ARE PAID THROUGH.

Yours in Conservation,
Chuck Schmeltzer, President Phone: 812-623-4103
For more info about NACC – contact Dale Back , Secretary at (812)623-2431 or E-mail: or go to and submit your questions through the comment section. NACC is a 501 c 4 not for profit organization incorporated in the state of Indiana . db