NACC Newsletter – August 2022

NACC’s next meeting to be held on Wednesday, August 10, at 7 pm in the club house. 

NACC Trustees  Gun Raffle Winner-    Mossberg 6.5 Creedmore Rifle was won by Garret Rauch

NACC 16th Annual Golf Outing  is September 17 at Brook Hill Golf Course in Brookville. Fees have been increased individually to $75, which equates the cost for a four man team at $300.  All proceeds benefit kids going to the Karl E. Kelly Conservation Camp.   We play 18 holes with tee time 8 am.  Morning breakfast will be available and our prime rib dinner will be served by George Schmeltzer at the club house after completing the course.  Also, Casey will begin soliciting Hole Sponsors at a $100 or more being accepted.  If you have any questions contact Casey at 812-577-5078  email:  Or call Slugger at (812)221-0397.  Four man team slots are filling up fast, get your team signed up at Klump’s Tavern.

The NACC Executive Board met Tuesday July 19 to review the maintenance items and projects on club property that have been completed and those that still need done.  Minutes of this meeting (with the “to do” list) will be posted in the club hose.  Some of the items we would like to have done prior to the upcoming golf outing.  Your help is appreciated.  Also, the board reviewed the club treasury.   The balance at 6-30-22 was $23124.91.  Of the balance, $7357.82 is designated  for up grades in the kitchen, new heating/air conditioner unit, mowing the grounds, along with the Karl Kelly Camp fund balance.  Thus leaving us an operating cash value of $15767.09.  Other Business, our Federal 990 form was filed, IWF dues were paid, we still need to file our state Indiana Business Entity.

The Board discussed  the golf outing and it was noted on 27 teams will be taken.  Also, the board would like to have  our December Pistol, Springfield Hell Cat, 9mm raffle tickets available by the golf outing.


IWF –  We were informed that Emily Wood is no longer the IWF executive director, as she has accepted a new role. Their board and staff are working  to find a new executive director.  If you need to contact their office, email Board President, Rick Cockrum at

The Dearborn County Soil and Water Conservation District is seeking input into the natural resources concerns of the county. It will have a public meeting to hear those concerns at 8:30 am Thursday, Aug. 11, at the UDDA Service Center 10729 Randal Ave., Aurora.  They are working with the Natural Resources Conservation Service with this process of setting the priorities for program work for 2023.  There is a checklist for ranking your concerns for them to review.  This includes some incentive payment programs too.  Call 812-926-2406, ext. 3 for more info on the meeting or to get info mailed out to you..

A NEW DISCOVERY:  Entomologist Samuel Ramsey, newly appointed professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, did his doctoral research centered on honey bees, something that could make a difference.  Ramsey chose to focus on the tiny but devastating parasitic mite Varroa destructor,an invasive species widely regarded as public enemy No. 1 for honey bees. Ramsey wondered why a knockout solution has failed.  The standard wisdom was Varroa feed on bee hemolymph (akin to blood like ticks) and wipe out colonies or why Varroa only feed from a bee’s abdomen.  Was Varroa eating something else?  He found that the mites were eating fat body, with only a slurp of hymolymph—a new discovery.  The menu difference matters because the fat body doesn’t just store nutrients.  It breaks down toxins, regulates hormone levels to proved bees’ primary immune response.  A bee with damaged fat body will starve when nectar and pollen are scarce or die from low-level pesticide exposure. All stresses that a healthy bee can often survive. By Lynne Warren, NWF

Yours in Conservation,

Chuck Schmeltzer,  President              Phone:  812-623-4103

2022 MEMBERSHIP DUES are now being collected.   New members are welcome.   If you already paid your dues, thank you for your being apart of our organization.  NACC dues annually are $12.00  and you can pick up  an affiliate Indiana Wildlife Federation for the discounted  fee of $20.00 (optional)   mail to:  New Alsace Conservation Club, PO Box 302, Sunman, IN  47041  NOTE:  SOME MEMBERS HAVE PAID MULTIPLY YEARS IN ADVANCE. IF YOUR ONE OF THEM, DISREGARD THIS NOTICE:  IF YOU’RE NOT SURE, CHECK THE FRONT OF THE ENVELOPE THIS LETTER CAME IN.   ABOVE YOU NAME IS A DATE – THIS IS HOW  LONG YOUR DUES ARE PAID THROUGH.


For more  info about NACC – contact Dale Back , Secretary at (812)623-2431 or E-mail: or  go to and submit your questions through the comment section.  NACC is a 501 c 4 not for profit organization incorporated in the  state of Indiana .                                                                                                                                                                                           db